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Change your fate-or kneel to it.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Thank you to my wallet for letting me buy and cry over this series and final novel.

I am now on a book-buying ban but if this is the last thing I ever read then it would have been worth it.

What can I say, this was such an epic conclusion to an epic series of books—a love letter to Tolkien and all Epic Fantasy readers and writers. The passion in this speaks volumes of Victoria's love for the craft of worldbuilding and character-driven stories. I could not have asked for a better end for our Companions.

After Blade Breaker ripped our hearts out and breathed life into a dead Elder, our Companions were scattered to the winds. The stress and anxiety felt by each of them was intense. Even Dom, our immortal unfeeling Elder, slowly came to grips with his love of a mortal. And I fucking called it and was here for the banter that slowly turned to caring words, no longer were the two stabbing each other with words, slowly they were caring for each other. Like come on, Sorasa telling Dom to haunt her as he rides out to a battle that might kill him, Victoria just stab me already it will hurt less.

I was happy to see Andry coming into his own as a raider and noble knight, and Charlie. Dear gods do I love that little petty criminal and his love for the fox. It was so heartwarming and so bright in a world of so much darkness and blood-red skies. I would kill for a novella about the fox, his church mouse, and of course the wolf.

Honestly, the characters are the best part of this book, but the best thing about this series is the worldbuilding. It's amazing, tremendous and thinks about everything. The siege of a castle, supply wagons for massive armies, the cost of death and the blood on one's hands. The gods and the fact that this world is connected via magical doorways. I’m in love, I could sit here and stare at the map all day and know how long it takes to get from point A to point B. It was all so well done. And we never got more than we needed, we got the perfect amount so that at the end of Fate Breaker when Valtik turns into a dragon I knew who she was. Yeah, it might have also been because she said, “the gods of the Ward will answer”, but still.

Chills literal chills.

Honestly, it was just a perfect end to a series, and I can’t wait to see what she will give us next.

Some of my favourite lines.

“With me.”

“Haunt me, Domacridhan.”

But Erida of Galland refused to burn.

“Bring me my fate then,” Sorasa said, leaping.

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