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About me

My name is Kelsey McCannell. I am an Ottawa-based Environment Concept and Background Artist proficient in paintings, concepts and rolling the dice.

I graduated from the Illustration and Concept art program at Algonquin College School of Media and Design.

With my time at the college and overall practice, I have become proficient in Adobe Photoshop and the general Adobe Creative Cloud products. I have also worked with Clip Studio Paint. I have basic knowledge and experience with Maya and Blender.

When I am not drawing, I'm writing. I have always had a passion for writing and storytelling, one day, I want to pitch my show, but it's not complete. I am also a huge Zelda fan and a DnD player.

Education History

Although I have yet to work in an actual studio I have been creating my own stories for the industry while in school. What I can offer is my Photoshop and Adobe suite skills, Clip Studio Paint and my Concepts for the Entertainment Industry.

Algonquin College Illustration and Concept Art

A one-year program offered at Algonquin College. I started in September of 2018 and graduated in August of 2019. In this program, I learned how to create a compelling tv show pitch and create comics from start to finish. This program continues to affect my storytelling and my creativity as an artist as well as a writer.

Algonquin College Concept Art Foundation

A certificate program offered at Algonquin College. This program focused mainly on storytelling and world-building, different digital art techniques and creating concepts for the entertainment industry.

Algonquin College Pre-Animation and Illustration

Certificate program offered at Algonquin College. A program designed to build up pencil millage and learn proper human anatomy and perspective.

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