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Echoes of long-gone eras whisper in dark corners and forgotten tomes stacked high in an old sea-side library, and someone is there, trying to listen.

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Buried within the walls of a dusty, old sea-side library are two things; ancient magic that whispers untold tales, and a boy who listens. Asmund Faye spends his days in the musky dampness of the old building researching amongst the shelving. Some see him as a studious young lad, keen on becoming a heroic adventure like his elder sisters. While Asmund would rather pursue knowledge, than chase empty glory.

Soon, the winter winds take over the city signalling the start of the Solstice, and Asmund’s coming of age ceremony. At fifteen years of age, children enter one of the many Great Gates hidden among the land and take part in a Trial by the gods, the Trials of Thera. Only on the day of the Solstice are humans allowed to enter The Spirit Realm and try their hand at a blessing from the gods. Some will discover a power never thought possible, others won’t be nearly as lucky.

Legends rise around Asmund and his friends as word spreads of the Shadow King’s return to the world. A man so dark and twisted that even the gods feared him. A man who waged war on the world and shattered it. 

Now the world is moving faster around Asmund than he ever thought possible. Evils that haven’t been seen since the time of Shadows, rise in search of their new master. Some seem to think the new Master of Shadows, the new Shadow King, is Asmund.

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