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The Storm at Dawn

In the depths of time, stories are woven, their threads unraveling, twisting and weaving themselves free of the tellers' lips. Leaving their essence forever etched in the mind of those who have come before, and those who will come long after. 

Fifteen-year-old Esmund Thrain was supposed to stay in Dunbrann, surrounded by the hushed whispers of the Magisters, and become a scribe, his talents hidden from the world. Yet, the whispers entice him from the old sea-side library's walls, revealing tales of heroes and kings, filled with enchantment and divine beings. Esmund, for the first time, finds himself fantasizing about his own adventures and the world beyond Dunbrann’s walls. 

Against his mother's will, Esmund bids farewell to his home and boards a ship bound for Lyerstall, eager to take part in the Trials of Thera. Every Solstice, the realm is filled with the anticipation of a magical rite performed by the gods, where hidden Great Gates open to reveal a portal to a world beyond, offering the ultimate test. Some will find unexpected power, some will lose it, others won't be fortunate.  

However, when the trials don't go as planned, Esmund begins to doubt his desire to leave home, wondering if it was his own will or the influence of a force more powerful than himself. Secrets come to life around him. The world is crumbling, unleashing darkness and malice. Esmund has no choice but to face his enemies head-on to protect his friends and some unlikely allies.   

The line between myth and reality blurs, and Esmund finds himself walking a perilous tightrope, burdened with the choice to either shatter or save the world. Ruined beasts of blood and malice hunt him. The beasts hesitated, torn between killing Esmund instantly or surrendering their corrupted souls to him as their new Master. 

To survive another day, he'll have to summon every last bit of his and his friend's strength or else fall under the spell of the shadow's whispers. 

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